Reading and Survival

Reading is an essential tool for kids and educators.

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Old books, New School

I can really appreciate the binding that you see here on these old books. These things were built to last for a long time, in an era when craftsmanship actually meant something. Artisans would study for years to be able to create these fine bindings, work with leather, and put out a finished product. Books used to be much more expensive than they are today and the quality of the texts, both on their cover, and inside, attest to that.

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This is an interesting review.

This person reviewed the book “Save Me”

In Pennsylvania, an explosion erupts at the Reesburgh Elementary School cafeteria. Although the cafeteria was almost empty, some students and workers were still inside. Initially knocked out by the blast lunch mother Rose McKenna rescues three students (Danielle, Amanda and Emily) before coming to the aid of her trapped beloved daughter Melly. Three people died in the ensuing inferno. Rose’s heroic act gets noticed when she faces civil and criminal charges because Amanda went missing after being lectured by Rose. Amanda is unconscious on a stretcher when her mother Eileen accuses Rose of neglect. Rose’s husband Leo Ingrassia a lawyer defends his wife’s actions under the stress and chaos of the moment. The media acts like vultures tearing at Rose while legal pressure and community stress cause a schism between the hassled couple; which is ripped further asunder when the publicity opens a secret from Rose’s past with a vengeance. This is a great thriller that grips the audience from the opening explosion and never slows down Rose is vilified unfairly by the families and the media. Her only public defender is her husband until her dark secret surfaces. Readers will feel for the beleaguered heroine as much more implodes in her life, but like the Energizer Bunny she keeps on ticking. Harriet Klausner

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This is a book cover I won’t soon forget.

Great Cover, Artistic Excellence


Every now and then I come across a book cover that means a lot to me. Such is the case with this particular cover. It almost looks like a model neighborhood or some shot out of a movie.

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This is a useful tool I think You will like

I found this great video of a review I think you guys should take a look at.

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First Book Review

Books are an interesting thing. They come in all forms. Some are true stories and some are not. These books collectively become our societal consciousness. When a book is good it tends to last for many generations. For this to happen it must be very good and have content that is timeless and useful. Some of the best books out there are memoirs. Those are typically bestsellers when someone famous writes it. A memoir is different from an autobiography in that it is a reflection on events rather than an accounting. There are also biographies, and those are typically written by someone else. I hope that you have enjoyed this little passage about books. Thanks for reading!

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